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What is Odesk?


ODesk is one of the largest market place site in the world that's why it is popular among virtual assistantsand other freelance workers

Well ODESK is an online staffing marketplace that is connecting buyers(clients) to remote workers(contractors).

This global job marketplace targeted at businesses that intend to hire and manage remote talented workers.
There are a variety of job categories like software development,graphics designing,web designing,data entry,seo and so on. 

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ODESK isn't exactly a new concept.There are tons of other staffing market place out there not unlike ODESK.Some of them are guru, freelance, elance.

However i think ODESK is the best option out there.Because it has a user friendly workspace,best communication tools like ODESK Team(a communication tool provided bye ODESK

Easy methods to withdraw money,best customer support.etc.For communication most clients and contractors choose skype,team viewer.



For freelancers(contractors) ODESK is a dream opportunity.Beacuse they can land job and can work at home on there free time.

Clients also benefit using ODESK because there is no need for an office or bigger space for there employers .
Not only that There is no clock in or clock out work time monitored by ODESK so they can post there job anytime and hire some one who can complete the job within there job deadline.

The contractors are so talented that clients often gets amazed by there work.
Labor cost on ODESK is cheap compare to actually hiring and housing stuff in an office.

Visit this page for a draft idea of contractors price demands.( Recommended )

here is a sample


and visit this page for a draft idea of clients pricing. ( Recommended )

here is a sample

ODesk Vs. ELance: What Will You Favor The Most?


Odesk and Elance both provide freelancers a great opportunity to showcase their skills and find work. The sites work as a marketplace for freelance work, allowing buyers to submit job openings and providers to bid or apply. Buyers can also locate providers to fill their needs by searching their profiles to find the best match.

Each site has no scarcity of openings posted but, there are a few differences between each. Odesk is free of charge and you may submit bids to any position in any sort. Of course, there is a border to the number of bids you can place at any one time.

Just like applying for a customary job, only apply to those you meet the qualifications for.

When you create an account with Odesk you are given admission to download Odesk team. This lets you keep track of your time worked by taking screen shots of your work and tracking activity.

While Elance does present a basic free membership, you cannot apply to jobs in all categories as you can with Odesk.A basic membership allows you to bid or connect on up to 10 openings at one time in one category.

You may change the category you have chosen, like Admin Support, Design and Multimedia, and many more, but only once a month.

Tracking work and getting paid is slightly dissimilar with Elance. You will be able to keep track of your time through the time tracker but, screen shots are not taken. The tracker is more for the provider's use as to identify what to invoice for at the end of the week. Invoices are sent every week but, manually, it only takes the push of a button.

Payments are not automatic and the buyer must pay each invoice when they are received, distinct from Odesk in which the payment is automatically taken from a credit card. These differences in Odesk vs. Elance are certainly better for those who have not yet decided.


well it depends on what job category you choose.For example on graphics designing category clients post jobs like simple word change on a logo to a advance website graphics design.

They pay about 1$ for a word change on a logo.300$ for a full website ghaphics design.
so in a word anyone can do jobs on ODESK and earn a good amount of money.

For samples of job postings visit this page.( Recommended )


well i have created a page where you can search contractors by job category and view there profile.

plz visit this page for contractors profile. ( Recommended )

here is a sample 

oDesk Frauds - How to Keep away from Dropping Precious Time

Cons and frauds are among the most prevalent problems of each employers and freelancers who get the job done on freelance writing sites like oDesk or Elance.

Obtaining scammed on Elance, or oDesk is a distinct probability, even if these freelancing websites have systems in area which defend truthful men and women from receiving conned by unscrupulous people.

A single of the causes for which folks are being fooled by freelance cons is the complexity of freelancing web sites like oDesk. For some, there are just too several possibilities to set, also a lot of issues to observe for, and so on.

 oDesk has a extensive program in spot to keep away from frauds. Their motto is Verified Work -- Guaranteed Payment, but however even their escrow system can't totally safeguard folks from falling victims to shrewd people.

If you are a contractor, here are a several guidelines to steer clear of falling victim to oDesk ripoffs:

  1. If you are operating hourly, you're rather significantly secure. The escrow method of oDesk (or Elance and Guru) ensures that you are compensated, as extended as you're doing work on what you had been intended to, you're billing the time in the focused application (oDesk Crew), and you're justifying your perform with memos. A memo is a easy description of what you are carrying out at a particular instant. E.g.: Producing report about oDesk cons or Finishing landing web page for website.It's a excellent notion to be thorough about memos... you never ever know when a unhealthy scenario can create.

  2. Most oDesk rip-off attempts turn up when operating on fixed charge jobs. Actually, oDesk specially asks you to validate that you realize the dangers of operating on fixed charge projects, prior to applying to these kinds of work opportunities. In fixed charge tasks, you really don't have any guarantees about when or if you will obtain your cash.

  3. Test the employer's feedback -- when you use for a position on freelance web-sites, you can see the historical past of the employers -- examine their total rating, and examine the feedback of fellow freelancers, who labored with the employer in advance of. If you spot one thing suspicious, or several damaging feedback, it is really a indication that you're dealing with a bad employer or a downright rip-off attempt.

  4. If the employer is new, contemplate the position offer -- when you are made available heaps of income to do a simple thing, feel thoroughly why that occurs. It may possibly suggest that the employer is inexperienced or naive, but often it can be a lure set by a fraudster.

  5. Consult for upfront or milestone payments -- a smaller upfront charge paid by the employer could be a sign of very good faith, but numerous employers dislike upfront payments, since they too are afraid of oDesk frauds. A different selection, appropriate for long-term fixed-fee work is to negotiate a agenda of milestone payments (partial payments), as the venture advancements.

  6. Talk only via the freelance internet site -- oDesk and Elance have their own messaging systems, which is usually enough to talk with an employer. To be extra cautious, you need to only communicate with the employer by way of these systems stay away from immediate messaging for important messages.

Hopefully, these advices ought to aid you steer clear of fraud attempts. If you do fall victim to an oDesk scam, never panic. File a ticket on oDesk help and clarify the predicament as specific as possible. They will examine the situation and if you are fortunate you may well get your tough earned money.



There are several ways to land a freelance work as you could enroll in a program and you could offer directly your services through mailing your resume to the company. One way will be signing up on different job sites like how to sign up for Odesk.

There are thousands of online freelance jobs available in the internet. If you are just a novice, be contented with a low bid first in order to build your confidence and it will also serve as your training for possible jobs in the future. Be able to show them that you really are worthy to be in these jobs.

 Apply for possible jobs that you think you could handle very well and that will need your services.There is a need for you to fill up a membership form when joining the online jobs; you must give them a valid email address and a well-typed resume to attract readers. It must be free from errors to be more appealing to the client because it will reflect your image as a service provider.

 If it full of mistakes, the client will not then trust you because the resume alone represents the possible quality of your work. Be sure that it encloses all of your professional experience, job history and educational attainment.

Job sites like Odesk will require you to take readiness test before you could apply to a definite position. Reading and understanding their policies is the primary thing that you must do. You are also obligatory to take some skill tests such as spelling, grammar and office skills like Word skills and basic office skills test.

 Some clients require you a high grade in a certain area before going on to the next step. Be prepared to present your portfolio online, email samples, sample articles and any other samples of your previous work.

 oDesk Tip-1: Make a Full Profile, with your Photograph

oDesk has a spot for every single freelancer to display his or her abilities. You need to use this area wisely and remedy all the questions asked. This shows that you are severe and you arrive across as expert to the possible employers. Also, it is hugely highly recommended to incorporate a photograph as nicely, simply because employers have a greater sense of believe in in profiles with a photo. It is easy to fake profiles on-line and a photograph shows that you are serious. Also, it is essential to have function samples and portfolio ready because several employers at oDesk demand it.

oDesk Suggestion-2: Get the Abilities Tests

This is specifically applicable to those who are new to oDesk. Folks who are new really don't have a great deal of prior experience on their profile and their feedback is nil. Potential employers do not know regardless of whether they will be up to the mark. For this, oDesk supplies a wide variety of expertise assessments to the employees. This allows employers know how great the folks are. In the absense of a confirmed feedback at oDesk, the abilities tests are the finest way for you to stand out and entice the awareness of the employer.

oDesk Suggestion-3: Customize your Cover Letter

This is a frequent beginner blunder - to have a generic cover letter for all jobs and use all over the place. Employers who publish careers have viewed hundreds or hundreds of cover letters in the course of their stay at oDesk and they will quite very easily weed out the ones with generic cover letters. Right here is a suggestion I use - never copy-paste anything, not even your introduction. Just publish the cover letter from scratch, spinning your introduction and expertise close to the career requirement. This way you will genuinely sound genuine and the employer will know that you have taken the time out to research the task posting.

If you observe the proper approach, it is not difficult to commence freelancing with oDesk for a regular on the web money.


its nothing complicated just like opening an email account or a face book account.just sign up on ODESK as a client or as a contractor.To sign up click on oDesk

You can also learn about odesk from this book.its a good ebook to learn about odesk secrets.





As i mentioned there are a lots of jobs out there.ODESK offers hourly and fixed price jobs.

1.Hourly jobs are mostly ongoing jobs you work 1 hour you get paid.if your client fails to pay ODESK will pay that no worry for hourly jobs.

2.fixed price jobs are mostly posted for simple and smalls starts from 5$-1000$ and so on.but the problem is if your client cheats you ODESK will not take any responsibility.

For more info visit this page

 on ODESK.below is a screen shot of ODESK job categories.




when signup on odesk you only get 2 job question is what is job quotas?well job quota is how many job applications you can send in a day.

Highest job quota is 25.The more job quotas you have the more jobs you can apply for.

to get jobs a 100% profile is a must you can increase the percentage by taking skill tests and adding your employment history's plz visit this page for more info.


A good profile is the key to get good jobs.if you have a 100% completed profile then the chances of getting jobs increases.

A good work experience  and good rating is a key to get good jobs too.the client always trusts a person with a lots of experience and a good rate.

Here is an example:



The more you take skill test the more chance to get quality jobs.Not only that clients can search in odesk for contractors with good exam score/skill test.(And most of them does that)

So if you want good jobs you must take skill test and get a good exam score.Most skill test has 40 questions to answer in 40 minutes.

you can take over 200 skill tests.

to visit skill test list visit this page.



  For anymore info visit this site



 There are 5 methods to withdraw money from ODESK.



You can apply for a payonner card and can withdraw money from ODESK.After applying  for a debit(payonner) card it will take some time for shipment if you are outside of usa.For asian countrys it takes about 30-40 days.

It charges about 2$ per withdraw and a 4$ mothly charge which is not bad at would cost about 6$ per month if you use a payonner card(for 1 withdrawl).The card activation is about 10$.so first month you have to pay about 16$.

For more information visit this page.

But the best  options are direct deposit, payonner and paypal (paypal is the best)

For more information plz visit this page